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Raise your hand if you’ve never bought a pair of fake sunglasses!

Every summer, our beaches get crowded with makeshift stalls and overloaded peddlers carrying mobile booths packed with tempting replicas of all kinds: a market with millions of potential customers.

In this summer race to the lowest pricing for the most fashionable glasses, we’re risking our own health. You know this, don’t you?

Glasses made with acetate or injected plastic as a substitute for celluloid, unsuitable metals that react with sweat causing allergic reactions and major health issues, lenses failing to filter, or worse, amplifying UV rays. What can we do about this?

>>> SAFE79® is our authenticity officer. When tracking down and checking over counterfeit goods, if both authorities and manufacturers could cooperate to provide a prompt and effective way to ascertain the DNA of a product, confiscation procedures would be much easier and more immediate measures could be taken to protect the industrial activity and the consumers’ health.

Most components of a pair of glasses can be treated with our product: lenses, temples and small metal parts can all help mark a brand with a specific UV fluorescence.

Consequences of counterfeit eyewear in Italy (source: Ministry of Economic Development)

- €100 million lost by the legitimate eyewear industry in terms of annual revenue

- 500 jobs lost every year

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