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- I’m starving… I’d fancy an appetizer!

- What would you like, Sir? Today I’d recommend some Capocolla, a little Parmesao and some delicious Fontinella.

- No thanks. I’d go for à la carte instead: a glass of PriSecco with an appetizer made of Gorganzola, Sopressata and Palenta, then a nice pasta alla arabiatta with a Gattuso sauce and of course a glass of Barolla.

This made-up conversation about an alleged Italian meal is pretty funny, but also quite recurring outside Italy – one need only think of the hundreds (if not thousands) of mouth-watering names that are so deceptively suggestive of the original products, in the big show of counterfeiting called Italian sounding food.

But brand piracy is just part of the problem: real counterfeiting, fakes and unauthorized replicas of the original brands and products are the other side of the coin, which makes a pretty messed-up situation even worse. Copies and imitations tout court are way more dangerous, as they prevent any production chain monitoring. The ingredients carelessly listed on food packages can by no means be traced unless they get confiscated by the authorities and might – in all likelihood – cause health problems.

And once again, even in the food industry, health issues and economic loss dramatically combine.

In this case, SAFE79® can mark pretty much any type of food packaging to guarantee the origin of the product and protect the brand.

Finally, here’s our latest anti-counterfeiting strategy: an interactive label featuring a two-dimensional code made of transparent ink with phosphorescent and fluorescent properties. With a simple app, anyone with a smartphone (a monitoring agent as well as an end user) will be provided with a multifunctional tool for further investigation, which also serves as a guarantee and marketing strategy for the manufacturer itself.

Some details about fake food (source: Coldiretti, 2015):

- €60 billion: the damage caused to Made in Italy products by counterfeit food

- 2 out of 3: the product names from all over the world that can be categorized as “Italian sounding food”, causing countless damages to brands’ reputations and economic losses for the real Made in Italy.

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