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Jewelry and Watches

«All that glisters is not gold»
William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice.

The watch and jewelry industries are severely damaged by the business of counterfeiting, whose productivity and distribution is boosted by the power of the web and globalization.


The counterfeiting industry is timeless and no one has ever managed to contain it (so far): history books talk about it, a vast literature documents it and the latest studies describe the phenomenon quite extensively.

One billion web pages is about watches: 300.000.000 pieces are sold on e-commerce sites, 3.000.000 through online auctions (source: IPERICO 2008-2013).

If we cross-check such figures with a study by Convey (a web intelligence agency) to draw up realistic projections, the general frame of the counterfeiting market in this field gets epidemic:

- 35% of web pages make an illegitimate use of official brand names to advertise counterfeit products

- For one specific watch brand, 32 out of the first 100 search engine results are a vehicle of counterfeiting

>>> Applying our SAFE79® on even the smallest parts or on the leather straps of these luxury watches makes them traceable and easily recognizable, bringing the fight against counterfeiting to an unprecedented level.


Even the greatest jewelry brands, as well as small manufacturers, bear the harsh consequences of counterfeiting and, as a result, brand identities are also severely damaged.

- Brands used illegally on counterfeit items

- Faithful copies of a product without its creator’s authorization, to the detriment of the original ornamental value

- Misleading use of “Made in…” labels

- Patent infringement

- Use of non-compliant alloys that may contain allergens

- Alleged fine jewelry sold at a cheap price because of unsatisfactory precious metal contents

>>> The answer is still the same: SAFE79®. Thanks to its versatility, it can be used on every type of metal – on whole surfaces as well as on specific areas – thus mapping the product.

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