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Every product has its own history: it may easily originate from the combination of different experiences, or grow out of a random conversation.

At our Research & Development laboratory, which has always been a breeding ground of innovative ideas, the fateful question came during a coffee break while joking about a “designer” handbag of questionable authenticity:

“How can we tackle the counterfeiting industry?”

That’s exactly when we threw down the gauntlet: SAFE79® is our response to counterfeiting and even back then we already knew how to make the most of it.

SAFE79® is an all-embracing anti-counterfeiting system based on a patented nanotech pigment, fit for a number of materials and having unique chromatic and thermal features.

Our SAFE79® is the DNA to lend to almost any product, as it can be used on diverse materials and destined for various fields: a “hot branding” system certifying the authenticity of a product and protecting the manufacturers.

During the last decades, His Majesty the Fake has been experiencing an exponential growth. And there’s no happy ending here, nor are we over it. If anything, it’s a crescendo of damages to authenticity and creativity, job losses and considerable health risks for the consumers, due to the use of materials that fail to comply with safety standards. These are indeed the severe consequences of the mighty counterfeiting industry.

In fact, the counterfeiting industry has grown by 1840% between 1994 and 2011 (source: INDICAM).

SAFE79® is our anti-counterfeiting superhero.

Yes, we take ourselves quite seriously! The technology behind it, its versatility, its low unit price and virtually no fixed costs truly make us believe that calling it “super” is not inappropriate at all.

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